Route Operators

  1. No person may apply for a route operator licence other than in response to a notice published in the Provincial Gazette and the media by the Board, inviting applications and which notice may state the evaluation criteria to be applied b y the Board and any other requirements.
  2. A route operator licence shall not be granted b y the Board –
    1. unless the Board is satisfied that the applicant –
      1. has appropriate knowledge and experience, or is able to acquire such knowledge and experience, to operate limited payout machines; and
      2. meets the requirements as prescribed or determined by the Board;
    2. for the operation of more than the prescribed number of limited payout machines.
  3. A route operator licence shall authorise, subject to the provisions of section 31 and any conditions imposed under section 34, the operation of not more than 5 limited payout machines, on the licensed premises of the holder of a site operator licence, and for such purposes the holder of such a route operator licence may enter into an agreement with the holder of such a site operator licence for the placement of such limited payout machines on the premises concerned: Provided that on good cause shown, the above- mentioned number of limited payout machines may be increased to a number not exceeding 40 limited payout machines in respect of specified licensed premises, subject to the provisions of the National Act.
  4. The holder of a route operator licence shall link all the limited payout machines in respect of which the licence has been granted, to an electronic monitoring system as contemplated in terms of section 35.
  5. A route operator shall ensure that –
    1. the maximum charge for playing on any such limited payout machine shall not exceed the prescribed amount;
    2. the prize in respect of any one game played by means of such limited payout machine does not in the aggregate exceed in value the prescribed amount;
    3. the return to players of an y such limited payout machines shall not be less than the prescribed percentage;
    4. there shall be displayed on an y such limited payout machine the value of the maximum prize prescribed under paragraph (b) which can be won by playing a game once by means of such a limited payout machine.
Trade Name
Grand Gaming Mpumalanga (Pty) Ltd
Vukani Gaming Mpumalanga (Pty) Ltd