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The Mpumalanga Gambling Board (MGB) is proud to be celebrating 20 years of unbroken service delivery to the people of Mpumalanga. This key milestone is not only a reflection of the Board’s successful establishment of a gambling industry in the Province, but is also proof of its adherence to strict corporate governance and social ethics, as well as its ongoing commitment to ensure effective regulation of the industry.

The MGB was established in December 1995, with the aim of providing for the licensing and control of all gambling establishments in the Province and any other matter relating to gambling, in terms of the Mpumalanga Gambling Act.

The Board is proud to be the first in the country, after 1994, to license casinos in 1997 and it was also the first to introduce limited payout machines (“LPMs”) in gambling establishments in 2003.

 The Board, in its aim to promote effective governance within the sector, strives to offer local communities more than the simple issuing of gambling licences and collecting levies. Since its inception, the industry has made significant contributions to economic development in the province through job creation, the levies (which contribute to provincial revenue streams) and by promoting responsible gambling to citizens of Mpumalanga. The casinos themselves also play a role in local development, as they help build thriving urban hubs in the area – stimulating the development of local infrastructure such as malls, hotels and other recreational facilities.

The LPMs also help stimulate the local economy by empowering small, medium and micro businesses – specifically those from previously disadvantaged communities through creating alternative revenue streams.

To date, the Board has granted three of the four casino licences within the province, as well as one independent site operator, two bingo centres, 52 betting outlets and two route operators, linked to 144 site operators.

The success of the Board is attributed to its high performance standards and its strict adherence to good governance since it was established. The dedication and commitment shown by the leadership of the Board have had a knock-on effect and trickled down through the ranks to the entire staff, which is evidenced by the Board’s inherent culture of embracing the “Batho Pele” principles, as well as its achievement of clean audits every year since 1995.

The 20-year anniversary coincides with the recognition of the Board’s CEO, Mr Bheki Mlambo, as the new President of the International Association of Gaming Regulators, thus demonstrating the way the MGB’s pioneering spirit reaches international boundaries. This has placed Mpumalanga, the country and the continent in the limelight of world-class gambling regulation.

Over the past 20 years, the MGB has furthered its resolve to promote responsible gambling and encourages licensees, patrons and the general public to find a positive balance between the social costs and the benefits of gambling. To assist in this endeavour, the Board has embarked on a number of responsible gambling projects to ensure that local communities are sufficiently educated about the risks of irresponsible gambling and uncontrollable gambling habits – such as using social grant money or essential household funds to engage in gambling activities, rather than using it to service their basic needs – as well as the dangers of being involved in unregulated or illegal gambling.

While illegal gambling remains a global problem, the MGB constantly renews its commitment to fighting illegal gambling operations and works closely with other law enforcement agencies. Not only do these illegal operators deceive the trusting public, but they also inhibit government’s efforts to create sustainable jobs, as well as affecting its own revenue generating capacity.

 This unparalleled commitment by the MGB is premised on the unwavering support of the Provincial Government, ably led by its visionary leader, the Honourable Premier DD Mabuza. Furthermore, the Board is grateful and eternally indebted to the Provincial Legislature for their continued support.




ISSUED BY:                                                 Nora Fakude-Nkuna

Chairperson: Mpumalanga Gambling Board


 CONTACT:                                                  Cedrick Chiloane

                                                                        Departmental Manager: Communications

                                                                        Tel: 013 750 8000

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